As your own personal style coach I will guide you through the process to achieve your own unique style, which is realistic, and fits in with your life.
My personal styling session will include the following

  • Assessment of what you would like to achieve with your existing wardrobe, your style and lifestyle.

  • Impartial advice on the best way to achieve your style goals.

  • Enhancing your best features: dressing to suit your body shape, age, and colouring.

  • Shopping tips and recommendations on clothing and accessories for now and in the future.

By understanding my client’s style issues, I am able to help them look stylish and feel confident about their body image. It is common to find yourself stuck in an unfashionable style rut, or lacking confidence, wearing the same boring clothes.


By starting to learn what to wear for yourself and your body type, I will help you feel great, boost your confidence, save money, and learn how to shop effortlessly. I will also keep you up dated in the latest trends, and recommend which ones are most suitable for you.  This will allow you to successfully mix and match new items with your current wardrobe.

If required I do also work as a professional shopping stylist to help kick start this process

Shopping & Styling

Armed with all your style information and checklist, I will research before pre-select the garments that compliment your body, lifestyle, taste and budget. I prepare by researching the shops, finding a short list, taking the time and stress out shopping so you can relax and we can make the most of our time together. Budget permitting, you will enjoy the luxury experience. You will be introduced to new brands and styles and pick up insider styling tips. It is fun, relaxed and you will go home with wearable items that slot in seamlessly to complete your chic, smart and modern wardrobe.

Please get in contact for more information.

Half day / Full day shopping available

Wardrobe Management & Style Planning


You will complete a questionnaire so I get a sense of whom you are, where you are with your style at the moment and your shopping habits.  The session will give you clarity on what colours and styles will really flatter your complexion and body shape and how to update and maximise your wardrobe.

I will use your existing items in your wardrobe to demonstrate what works and why and how to wear clothes more efficiently. We will put together new outfit combinations so you fall back in love with your wardrobe. I will give you a detailed plan of action and easy to put in place guidelines including a checklist suggested new brands and stores. You will find it easier to find clothes that complement you, and your personality and lifestyle. You learn how to make the most of what you love and feel confident and proud of your look.
Using your style guidelines we discuss what you love wearing and decide what stays and is working for you and importantly, why it works. We remove items that are ill fitting, out dated and no longer working for you. When your clothing has been sorted through and reorganised, the missing items will be identified and we will create your shopping wish list.

Please get in contact for more information.

Usually takes 2-3 Hours